Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Selling Shiroineko & Minute Mirth

-Give me the model.
-Confirm it.
-Its original,SUMPAH.
-call me,text me,email me,Fb wall me.

Shiroineko clothing!

Shiroi Neko Products.

Shiroi Neko T-shirts are designed in Japan and handmade in Thailand. That's why they have that truly unique look making them completely different from any other T-shirt in the world.Shiroi Neko is japanese for "White Cat", a mythical animal in japanese culture that symbolises good fortune, as opposed to its counterpart, the black cat.With a Shiroi Neko T-shirt on, you will not only look good but also feel good, keep bad karma and evil spirits away and enjoy good luck.

The Fabric
Shiroi Neko designer T-shirts
are soft and durable , made of 100% premium quality cotton.
Typically Shiroi Neko designer T-shirt are made in heavy duty fabric.
But we also make some models in a thinner cotton fabric for those really hot summer days.

The Colour
Shiroi Neko
offers a large variety of colours inlcluding some unique blends of dual colors. Together with enzyme wash unique colouring effects are achived.
The colors will not fade when washing.

The Print

Shiroi Neko
only carries T-shirts with highest quality screen-printed designs including foil in different colours.
Print motifs are influenced by retro tattoo, vintage Manga (Anime), Mexican Day-of-the-Dead art as well as eastern and western culture esthetics.

Stone washed
T-shirts Shiroi Neko also offers "aged" T-shirts which are stone washed with pumice stone and acid/enzyme washed just like jeans are treated on a regular basis.
The unique Acid Wash treatment will typically induce both pattern differences as well as shade differences between every t-shirt making every one as unique as a persons fingerprint. The fabric is degraded in the acid wash process, and to see a few small holes in the garment is normal , and they may develop more quickly after wash and wear. This is an intentional part of the look and feel of this "aged" style making the fabric soft and very comfortable to wear, just like your oldest favorite T-shirt that you have washed a countless number of times.

Garment distortion
Often a brand new t-shirt leaves the washer and dryer in a disappointing condition. Shrinking and color fading being the two most common problems.
All t-shirts will shrink to some extent when they are first washed.
All Shiroi Neko shirts are pre-washed and will not shrink again when you wash them.Shiroi Neko designer T-shirts does not contain any traces of Nonylfenoltoxylat.

Code of Conduct

We at Shiroi Neko want sustainable, healthy development for people and the environment. We want to help improve conditions in the garment industry. That's why we want everyone who works with us to be concerned about human rights, wages, working hours and social accountability.
We will never commence production in countries with a record of weak labor rights, child labor, and slave-like conditions for workers, such as China, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Burma.
All Shiroi Neko products are made in Thailand by adults working under legitimate conditions.


Wholesale Apparel Distributors
-Minute Mirth clothing was designed by Shiroi Neko in order to add to their ever popular global brand. Minute Mirth T-shirts are made here in Thailand and they constantly aim to push the boundaries for new and unique designs at a high standard in the same manner as Shiroi Neko.
Minute Mirth offers fresh T shirt designs different from Shiroi Neko, yet still including the vintage, stonewash, burn out, rhinestones and polo styled shirts. Shiroi Neko aim’s to build on the tattoo style of which truly provides a unique look that sets them apart from every other T shirt around.

Minute Mirth (about the t-shirt)
-Minute Mirth, like Shiroi Neko specialises in high end stonewashed T-shirts with stunning prints.The techniques used with Shiroi Neko T-shirts are the same as Minute Mirth of which ncludes bi-colour dyeing, enzyme wash and stonewashing.Shiroi Neko and Minute Mirth products are screen printed and for some items such techniques include foil. Selected models are also designed with hand set rhinestones in various colours.Shiroi Neko and Minute Mirth designs can be referenced to such criteria as vintage Manga (Anime), Eastern and western Tattoo styles as well as retro Western and Mexican "Day-of-the-dead" art.All Shiroi Neko and Minute Mirth T-shirts are made from 100% premium quality cotton. The majority of Shiroi Neko and Minute Mirth T-shirts are heavy in weight with a few models in a thinner fabric.All Minute Mirth and Shiroi Neko T-shirts are pre-washed T-shirts that will not shrink again when you wash them.Shiroi Neko and Minute Mirth designer T-shirts does not contain any traces of Nonylfenoltoxylat.

Sizing guide for Minute Mirth T-shirts:

S - Small
M - Medium
L - Large
XL - Extra Large
XXL - 2 x Extra Large

Washing your Minute Mirth T-shirt

-Any Shiroi Neko or Minute Mirth T-shirt that has foil attached to it you should be extra careful when washing it. The foil will over time gradually wear away, however there are some things you can do to slow this process down so that it will stay much longer, up to several years. With the Shiroi Neko and Minute Mirth foil styled shirts - If the foil begins to get wrinkly after wash you it, you can turn it inside out and iron it using a very temperature..

1. Turning the Minute Mirth T-Shirt inside out before washing is a must!
2. When washing the Minute Mirth T-shirt - Don't use hot water of course!
3. Don't tumble dry the Minute Mirth T-shirt!
4. Don't iron on the print, foil, or rhinestones of the Minute Mirth T-shirt.
5. Don't use any bleach on the Minute Mirth T-shirt.
6. Washing the Minute Mirth T-shirt by hand is the best way of making any apparel last for as long as possible.

The Minute Mirth Code of Conduct
-Shiroi Neko and Minute Mirth want sustainable, healthy development for people and the environment. Shiroi Neko and Minute Mirth aim to help improve conditions in the garment industry. That's why Shiroi Neko and Minute Mirth want everyone who works with them to be concerned about human rights, wages, working hours and social accountability.All Shiroi Neko and Minute Mirth products are made in Thailand by adults working under legitimate conditions.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

PROMOTING my family business food and clothing(Past,Presence & future)

->firstly My dad & his partner( ,mind dy old pic) will be open clothing shop( ,read it all detail is in it)dy ambassador is AMI SEARCH.In 1month time the shop will be something like ed hardy but its cheaper and its ORI ok.I already bought 1 will post it ltr on.{Future}
-Secondly,my pacik macik food shop,check the blog and fb profile({Presence}
my dad gona open food shop to same place{future}

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Today is our 1year 6month anniversery.
Me and her(CHLOEsyl).
We didn't really celebrate.Juz a simple wish with IKHLAS hati.
We've been ups and down,But we still sticking together like glue bahasa malaysia isi dan kuku or kulit i guess?Lol


Hello peoples :) Chloe is in the blogsphere :D WOOOT!
Since my boyfriend is so lazy to blog, I shall blog for him so that his blog isn't dead :)
Wells, go read my blog too! :)
Actually the reason I'm blogging in his blog is because I'm waiting for my video to upload in youtube which will take approximately 3 hours ++ & it's already 2325 :(
Gonna be sleeping late tonight when today is one of the most tiring day throughout my whole entire life.

Okay, so today we had to run 5km from school. It was up to Bukit Utama's hill and the last U-turn of 1utama. The funny thing today is my boyfriend here actually took the guts to roll down the road of bukit utama. Reason was because he was tired and the surprising thing is, he didn't even had any bruise on him!
The incline to bukit utama was about 10 I guess? It was so hard! meeeh -____-

So anyway , just a short update :)
Sayang, you suck :D

You Mean The World To Me
U mean the world to me
Nothing will ever come between us
No matter what anybody says or does
U will always be in my heart
Forever and Ever
Your spot will never be replaced
U hold the key to my heart
And u have since we met
I will love u forever
And no matter how much we fight
Things will be ok
Like I said I will love u forever
No matter what
You Mean The World To Me.
It's been 1 and a half year together.
I cannot say how much I appreciate everything you've done for me.
I'm so sorry for putting all my anger towards you.
I will try to change that.
Thank you for listening whenever I needed someone.
I love you.

Baby Chloe :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

fuck up

the only feeling i have for dis last few days